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The Planets

More than the zodiac signs, the planets are one of the most important concepts in astrology.

Planets are the core of astrology because they are the ones who give us the necessary information to make astrological interpretations. When a planet moves into a new sign or when they interact with each other, there’s a shift in the energy and that gives us a lot of information.

Planets are like actors on a big stage, also, each planet has an archetype, and their interactions and the position they are in can give us what is necessary to interpret them.

Please have in mind that in traditional astrology initially, there were 9 planets, but since the discovery of Uranus, modern astrology starts to include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the mix.

Also, we know the Sun and the Moon are not planets in the strict sense of the world and we call them that way because is a simple way, but if you want, you can call them the luminaries.

The Sun

Represents the way we shine and the way our light comes from the inside out, additionally, it represents our essential energy, the way our path and our gifts are illuminated, and what is important for us, what are our values. Is one of the personal planets.

The Moon

Represents our emotions, is what connects us with the way we behave towards those emotions and how we process them, it also represents the relationship with our family and how we begin to form our first emotional bonds. This is another of the personal planets.


Represents our expression, the way we communicate, and how we make ourselves understood, it can also be the key to our mind and ideas, here we find our own expression and the way we go through our personal path. This is a personal planet.


Represents the way we relate to others but also how we see the material world, here we can see how we attract things in our lives and how we manage to materialize our energy and our desires. This is another of the personal planets.


Represents the way we fight for what we want, where we can find our motivation, and what makes us move forward, it also represents the way we act and how we put our boundaries to defend ourselves.


Represents where we can expand our lives, where we can grow, it shows us our beliefs and where and how we feel supported by life, also it could show us how things could be easier our where we can have some luck.


Represents our boundaries, and how we want to find some structure, here we can find what allows us to create the foundations of our lives, especially to create in the long term because it is a planet that is related to time and the things that are built little by little.


Represents our authenticity, what connects us with our essence and also asks us to be faithful to it, it is also the energy that moves us the most and what we came to change as a group.


Represents what is so tangible to us, our dreams, what connects us at a subtle level with others, it can even show us an important part of our intuition and spirituality.


Represents how the deepest transformations come in our life, those that may seem quite dense at the beginning but that ultimately are the ones that help us evolve on our path.